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25, 2019

Shenzhen, China, 25th June 2019

PAX Technology Limited (HKSE stock code: 00327.HK), a leading provider of electronic payment terminal solutions, is pleased to announce the new collaboration with Banca 5, the Intesa Sanpaolo proximity bank focused on instant banking with an extensive distribution of partner tobacconists in the Italian territory. 

Banca 5 aims to combine the great value of a “social” service, such as cash withdrawal with proximity and convenience, creating a “everything at your fingertips” model.

PAX A60 was the perfect answer to achieve Banca 5 goal enabling all tobacconist to a new "smart mobility working" mode by providing multiple services. A single terminal that could provide all the main Banca 5 value-added services, such as cash withdrawals, prepaid and telephone recharge, ticketing and acquiring services with a new flexible and super light technology. The A60 is part of the PAX android family and represents the perfect integration between technology and design delivering tomorrow’s payment experience. 

The new Banca 5 commercial offer, called START, was presented in partnership with PAX Italia the 10th of May during the START to be SMART event.

Thanks to the START offer, by using a Smart-POS, a lot of tobacconists, located in low-traffic areas, will be able to become part of Banca 5’s network, to supply payment services of Intesa Sanpaolo Group and to offer helpful social services.

PAX offered to Banca 5 not a simple device but an ecosystem that facilitate the development of value-added application, their distribution and remote control of the installed base via the PAXSTORE service.

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PAX Technology is an innovative global provider of electronic payment solutions, offering world-class, cost-effective and superior quality products. Building on its service excellence and proven leadership position, PAX is one of the fastest growing payment industry suppliers with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, excellent R&D capabilities and a worldwide network of sales and channel partners. PAX is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange as PAX Global Technology Ltd. (00327.HK)